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    Kid's Fishing Derby 2019

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    JR. Rifle

    Gas Can Wobble Shoot 2019

    9 shooters including 1 youth. The weather was just about perfect with sunny skies and a light breeze.. Breakfast was Outstanding with Biscuits and gravy from Sam and Michelle.

    Winners are (left to right): Joe Dutcher Walt Potaznick Greg Wells Art Cabral

    We had some great scoring for a wobble shoot. High scores for the day: Joe Dutcher was top shooter with a 22 Peter Dutcher with a 21 Sam shot two 20’s Nick and Walter each with a 20

    Next shoot is the Thanksgiving shoot,

    November 21, 2019 The Christmas shoot will be a SATURDAY 12/21/19 to see if we can get a better turn out. Next Trap Orientation is TBA. Sign-up sheet is on club information board next to kitchen.

    2019 Easter Ham Trap Shoot

    A perfect day with Rocco and Art in the kitchen, doing what they do best. We had 10 adults and 1 junior shooter. The winners of the Hams and gift cards were:
    Tim Hill
    Walter Potaznick
    Sam Oejian
    Jim Emerson

    High scores for the day were:
    Tim Hill 24,23
    Sam Oejian 23, 23
    Peter Dutcher 24,22
    Walt Potaznick 22
    Nick (Jr member) 21
    Tommy 20

    We had some strange and wonderful outcomes with low scores getting blackbirds, and some winners not determined till the last station

    The next shoot is the Gas can shoot June 30, 2019.

    Congratulations to Hugh Hurley (Right) on 20 years of organizing and running our sportsman’s show! We hope you keep doing what you do for some time to come. Thank you!

    Prime Rib Christmas Trap Shoot

    2018 Xmass Shoot

    It was a raw, rainy, sleeting, cold day but since it was for Prime Rib the shoot must go on!
    Actually after the first 3 rounds the rain/sleet stopped and it was cold but fine for the finals.

    The Winners were:
    Clayton Dutcher - 1st time winner
    Peter Dutcher
    Sam Oeijan
    Tim Hill

    The scores were not bad, considering the weather, with high scores of:
    Peter Dutcher with 23 & 22
    Greg Wells 23 & 22
    Tim Hill 23 & 21
    Sam Oeijan 21

    Thanks to the breakfast crew and to Tim for running the shoot


    Halloween 2018

    2018 BBQ


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